The Heated Vest USB Pro™
The Heated Vest USB Pro™
The Heated Vest USB Pro™
The Heated Vest USB Pro™
The Heated Vest USB Pro™
The Heated Vest USB Pro™
The Heated Vest USB Pro™
The Heated Vest USB Pro™
The Heated Vest USB Pro™
The Heated Vest USB Pro™
The Heated Vest USB Pro™
The Heated Vest USB Pro™

The Heated Vest USB Pro™

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Get the original SmoothPolar Heated Vest

It's not as much fun when it's too cold

Our freedom is limited because we would like to stay in a pleasant temperature.

but now there will be no more excuses for not wanting to go out and do all the activities we like.!

With this jacket you can stay warm wherever you go. Will be the same as when it was summer.

 Whether you love climbing, running, playing golf, fishing activity in which the body does not move much so you can get very cold with the Heated Vest USB Pro™ you can knead great memories in winter or in general when temperatures are low.





Who needs a seven-layer outfit?

These jackets are very particular, as it does not need a layer after another layer of clothing, which limits your movements and makes it very uncomfortable.

You won't need to wear other clothes underneath, a polemic, a shirt, a thinner one, which in the end makes you look like an Eskimo.



This jacket also has additional benefits

  •  causes the oxygen in the blood to increase.
  •   It therefore helps to stimulate metabolism.

  •  better circulation of blood vessels, decreasing inflammation.
  •  has a thermostat that allows to regulate the temperature.
  •  and has a USB connection so that you can charge it with Power Bank which will allow you with a charge to be between 8:12 hours enjoying the environment.
  •  And it's also completely washable and therefore waterproof, so you won't have to worry about it spoiling.




Easy to use as it only needs one touch.

The colours intuitively indicate the temperature levels:

Red Light (flashing) - automatic heating

Red Light - manual heating, high temperature (113°F)

White Light - medium temperature (95°F)

Blue Light - low temperature (77°F)

The only thing you have to do is the following once you connect the jacket to a powerbank you must press the button for three seconds, and this will make the jacket turn on, and to change the temperature levels you just press it again.


A Vest Like No Other

 Its special design not only allows it to be very light but also waterproof and windproof, it looks very well put on. Unisex design








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Came very quickly. As normal. All seams are smooth. Is not tested.


Packed well, for this product. Track is not the entire route. Quality good, flat seams and high quality (material too). No smell. Looks beautiful. The take over, but it turned out at the time. . Power Max RED LEVEL 9,42 Volts. The blue level power is the same, but works at intervals mute. White standard capacity is the same, but with more large gaps off. Heating Temperature average 34,5 degrees. The maximum Red heat-up does not burn. THE collar of heating element is not symmetrical, but heat is enough. There is a safety mechanism from overheating. Impression is very good. Seller recommend! Good his business!


Fast shipping. Good price. It is very warm.. Convenient. Incredibly warm. Electric best selling body to support the feeling. Very satisfied.


Vest was about a month come all works will check how long an kind of warm good will experience in Real Life