The Gentle Ionic Touch™ Electric Negative Ions Hairbrush
The Gentle Ionic Touch™ Electric Negative Ions Hairbrush
The Gentle Ionic Touch™ Electric Negative Ions Hairbrush
The Gentle Ionic Touch™ Electric Negative Ions Hairbrush
The Gentle Ionic Touch™ Electric Negative Ions Hairbrush

The Gentle Ionic Touch™ Electric Negative Ions Hairbrush

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Frizzy hair - No more!

It has never been easier to tame your hair and get silky, smooth and managable hair, no matter where you are. Our Ionic brush does the work for you by using negative ionics to balance out the ionics in your hair.
Sounds like magic, works like magic, but really it´s just science! 

Why do you need this?

You can forget the phrasing "bad hair day". You can get smooth beautiful hair wherever you are. Simply get your compact brush out of your purse, turn it on, let it work its magic and you are ready to go!
Windy or rainy weather on your way to work or school? No problem, you will look great in a matter of seconds. The batteries will last for months so don't you ever worry about showing up not looking your best again.


    The negative ions are activated by heat, which is why Ionic-Breeze is powered by electricity (two AA-batteries). Once you turn the brush on it will start to emit negative ions to counter the positive ions in your hair. The results speaks for it self. The hair immediately gets less frizzy and you can start enjoying your new look literally within seconds. Our hair friendly technology protects your hair while giving you a beautiful silky smooth result! 

    It's time for this:

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      The hair straightener can be very dangerous because you can even burn yourself, is something that happens every day, plus it has a cable to work which makes it very uncomfortable, and above all is very large.

      Many times it happens that there is no time to start waiting for the straightener to be ready, so there is no other solution than to get messed up. But with this The Gentle Ionic Touch ion brush you can use it immediately, besides you can take it everywhere, it fits even in a pocket.

      It is the perfect solution to have smooth and tidy hair in these fast times in which we live.

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      They arrived in a month approx to mexico, well packed, need a aaa stack, when you try them i will leave additional comments, thank you very much.




      For the first time i saw a comb with ionization function and realized that i needed it. After all, everyone wants beautiful well-groomed hair, and the comb has many properties that can improve their condition. And indeed, after several uses, the result is visible. Hair becomes more smooth, obedient and shiny. Also, the manufacturer claims that after long-term use, hair loss, headaches and dizziness will decrease. The comb works from the 1st aaa battery. It can be easily disassembled by pressing the button and removing the front part can be washed without a block. Side there is button on/off. When turned on, the blue indicator lights from below and a sound appears, something like a pinch. # Shipping 2 weeks. Packed in a branded box, there is a manual in english. The comb was in an individual package. Everything came safe and sound. Purchase pretty # recommend


      The brush hair is arrived in Italy with free plotted in 14 days well packed in one envelope bubble wrap. The brush is provided in its box where inside you will find a brochure with explanations for use. It is a working at ion brush serves a AAA battery batteries not included. The ion brush is a repairman accessory battery operated that acts as a treatment for our hair. His three key strong points are the smoothing, treatment and the shine hair. How does it work? Balances the electricity of the canopy Releasing negative ions which neutralize positive ones naturally present in it is that fragilizzano Fiber capillary. This technology allows ions also limit the split ends hair frizz and makes it easier to sbrogliare.


      Delivery 9 days to voronezh with tracking Came in the box, the instruction was included. Works from 1 little finger battery (not included). Turns on the lever on the side, while the bulb lights up. Disassembled easily and washed the part that is just a comb. I can say that this is a good massage comb, which does not tear the hair, well masks the scalp and removes static electricity. And how will affect the health of hair ionization-i'll look more.